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Snowbirds Margarita Truck was established in 2016 by a dynamic husband and wife duo, Gary and Shay Burleson. Snowbirds Margarita Truck is a playful, grown-up twist on the classic ice cream truck of yesteryear. The drive of Snowbirds is to create fun, craft cocktails quickly on a large scale from the freshest ingredients available. Shay and Gary are both service industry veterans with strong backgrounds in hospitality. Gary is a San Francisco trained, internationally published, award-winning bartender.

  • We Arrive

    We arrive in our awesome surf style 1975 fully retrofitted margarita truck.

  • We Serve

    margaritas, pina colada’s, daiquiris, and boozy snow cones all available in 6 – 10 totally interchangeable fresh fruit flavors.

  • We Pack Up

    When the event is finished we pack it in and roll out.

  • And Leave a Story

    Leaving behind only the legendary story about the time you rented a margarita truck.

Our craft cocktails will change your life!